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CBD is now gaining a lot of traction for its beneficial properties. From ointments to gummies, there are several CBD products available for usage. Cheef Botanicals CBD products are non-psychoactive elements taken from cannabis. Some of its advantages include pain and headache relief and can even alleviate discomfort from depression and anxiety. Today, it has even reached into clothing, so it’s no wonder why incorporating CBD is now explored in garments. However, how effective is this? Learn more about this interesting innovation:

Acabada Activewear Launched CBD-Infused Clothing

Just recently, Acabada Activewear introduced its CBD-infused workout clothes. They mentioned how they infused CBD essence into the fabric. This is to help the wearers feel relief from soreness from a workout session. The concept of this wear is that once the CBD droplets added in the coating release from activity, the wearer benefits from its effects. The friction allows the CBD essence to make contact with the skin, thus allowing the CBD to seep into the wearer’s system.

What’s interesting about their clothing is that the addition of CBD into the fabric is done innovatively. They added a polymer coating into the fabric so that the CBD essence is protected. However, the clothing’s effect is limited. After a few uses, it runs out of CBD essence. It can only last up to 40 washes.

Is CBD-Infused Clothing Effective?

Since the concept is still novel, there are not many backed-up studies regarding its effectiveness. So, right now, it’s treated just like any other supplement that’s not approved by the FDA. Darria Gillespie, a certified physician, said that there’s no proof yet that over-the-counter CBD doses treat these symptoms accurately and with full effectivity. Still, the concept is promising, though using it should be taken with caution. Not all benefit from CBD, so it’s best to do a topical test before fully using it.

How Effective Is CBD?

Generally, CBD has a lot of promising evidence that it’s effective in reducing seizures in epileptic children. It’s known to lessen swelling as well. However, even today, CBD-related products are often mislabeled. According to a 2017 study, over 70% of them were misbranded. In time, there’s hope in making the CBD movement become more concrete and regulated better. Currently, the risk of using CBD products is not because of CBD itself but because it may be laced with other things, which can be harmful to you.

Other Ways to Use CBD

Today, if you’re using CBD and seeing how it helps a lot of people, you can definitely explore this option. However, keep in mind that it’s fairly new in the healthcare market. That’s why you have to only get your CBD from trusted and verified sources. The credibility of the source matters so that you’re assured that you’re only getting quality and trusted cannabis.

If you’re interested in incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle and benefitting from it, you can give Acabada Activewear a try and see if it’s something you can continue using. Just make sure that you do research first and ask for your doctor’s opinion beforehand.

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