Draw Fashion Now LIVE in New York – February 9 at Housing Works Thrift Shop

Dear New York City: I’m beyond thrilled to bring Draw Fashion Now LIVE to Housing Works Thrift Shop in SoHo – 130 Crosby Street at 6pm on February 9!

Following up on a successful debut performance at TYPE Books in Toronto, I can confidently promise an entertaining, uplifting, interactive show that will empower you to Draw Fashion Now.

I’ll share some of my favourite drawings from a decade of sketching fashion shows in New York City, London and Paris and tell you all about the struggles and triumphs involved in creating that portfolio. You’ll see how both my drawing style and my personal appearance underwent a dramatic transformation from a relatively incoherent mess to something much more confident and powerful.

Then I’ll show you how you can do it too! We’ll be drawing together as I guide you through a tutorial from the book, revealing how a fashion illustration is constructed through a series of simple steps.

As a grand finale, I’ll demonstrate how I do a live runway sketch, right before your eyes in just a few minutes!

Thanks to the generosity of my publisher Quarto, 100% of the sales at the event will go towards Housing Works, a wonderful charity that provides housing and healthcare services for people dealing with HIV and AIDS.

PLUS, I am offering FREE original fashion portraits for anyone who buys the book!

This is a FREE event, everyone is welcome! I’d love to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Draw Fashion Now LIVE in New York – February 9 at Housing Works Thrift Shop”

  1. I would love to be there, but unfortunately I will be at work! How can I make the book purchase so that I make the donation to Housing Works and receive the free original fashion portrait? I could pick it up on Friday.

    For those that are unable to be there, will there be a Facebook Live of the presentation? I really wish I could be there!
    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! You can certainly purchase the book at the Housing Works book store after the event. Unfortunately due to my own schedule, Thursday is the only day I am offering the free portraits, as they have to be done in person.

    There are no plans to record the presentation, however you’ll find much of the material (and more!) in the book, and on my blog at finalfashion.ca

    Housing Works and I appreciate your support!

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