drawing – rough concepts for Jabberdust

Designer, entrepreneur, professor and blog reader Leah Barrett approached me with a project. Leah’s label, Jabberdust, is a line of scarves and accessories that features incredible handwork. Leah works closely with factories in India to showcase the possibilities of embellishment. Her background is in production management, and she surprised me with a rare proposal.  I’m paraphrasing here – Leah said:

“I’m very comfortable with the production aspect of the business, however I find the conceptual aspect of design more challenging. Would you be interested in designing a number of concepts and illustrating them – it can be anything you wish – and I will take those ideas to the factories and handle the technical development of the samples, and if they’re successful, the production?”

Even though I was in the middle of preparing to decamp from Toronto permanently, I said yes! I knew that any designer would thrill for the chance, because most designers I know (myself included, though I rarely design) are the exact opposite – they’d happily spend all their time on conceptualizing, but instead they have to oversee production.

Part of the deal is that Leah is allowing me to blog the process. It started with me just doodling a bunch of ideas, and then doing somewhat more refined doodles to discuss with Leah.

You can click on any of these sketches to see them bigger. Number two features a design I attempted to create on a necklace one craft night at Nathalie‘s, I’ve been waiting for a chance to do something more with the simple concept.

The pen is little notes for changes that we discussed. Number four features an idea inspired by Julian Roberts‘ tunnel technique.

And number five is a variation. I have no idea what number six is supposed to be.

Some of these ideas – like the reversible tabard on the left, seemed like they could just as easily do without embellishment – but that’s not very Jabberdust.

This last idea literally came to me in a dream. I was at my grandparent’s place and I remembered it at breakfast, and immediately interrupted tea and toast to run and doodle it.

Out of these ideas, Leah and I selected five, made some changes, and I developed some more finished drawings for them. That I will post soon, stand by.

8 thoughts on “drawing – rough concepts for Jabberdust”

  1. Yes, this is true. Creative responsibilities can be daunting to me. Execution (management, product dev) is so much more tangible. The ratio of years I’ve spent doing each maybe the reason -1:4!

    At our first meeting Danielle announced she was relocating! Still things have progressed through it all. When I saw ideas 1 & 2, I was amazed -they are so Jabberdust! I’m thrilled to be collaborating and telling the story of the process. Fingers crossed we get a nice little collection together soon.

  2. Those sketches and designs look really really cool!
    I’m not much of a scarf person, but I would love to wear one of those. Hope Jabberdust will sell them in Europe as well 🙂

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