Evan Biddell and Refinery at FAT

Evan Biddell is a designer with a flair for showmanship, and he is a designer who excels at notice-me clothes being worn by beautiful, confident women.  For his show at FAT, he teamed up with vintage dealer Refinery to notch the volume up using vintage clothing as materials – and better yet, he got his most outgoing friends to model the clothes. Pastel Supernova opened the show, and set the tone for a cast ready to steal the spotlight.

This is the kind of show that FAT does best – the models are fiercely unique, cartwheeling for the cameras.

Usually Biddell’s friends sit front row at his shows, and this time they had assigned seats too – mind you assigned with playful nicknames – which they strutted past.

“Sunny with a chance of Gail” had the most wonderful outrageous outfit, and turned the cameras on the audience for a change.

For the curtain call the enthusiastic models all took their seats and applauded their outfitters.

… and they stayed in their seats to watch the next show.  Somehow Biddell managed to pack the most memorable runway moments into a short fashion show that I have ever seen.  Cheers to all the lovely models for a job well done.

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