extending my denim

I love my Earnest Sewn Decca jeans, selected with denim-expert assistance from Phil of Coutorture. The only thing that I didn’t like was the artificial fade on them. After a few months of heavy, loving wear, I could see stray bits of warp threads beginning to give. These were baby holes about to turn into giant gashes. Now, I don’t like jeans as much when they have holes. I will patch, if I have to, but ideally I want my denim to stay hole-less and patch-less for as long as possible.

My temporary fix – glue or seam sealer on the baby-holes…


From the back, I steam on some weft-insertion fusible to stabilize the area.


It’s not a final solution. Eventually, I will have to resort to some type of patching, either from the back or if the hole is too big I’ll have to bite the bullet and do an obvious patching job.

It always seems like jeans reach that state of perfection when they’re on the verge of falling apart. I like to prolong that ideal moment as long as possible.

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  1. If you are in NY, there is a place called Denim Therapy that will fix your jeans to make them like new again without patches. They use threading that matches your jeans so that it is barely noticable there ever was a hole. If you go to the website “springwise” and look through their archives, they have a whole post on it and where Denim Therapy is located.


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