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Ryan, Sonja, Susie, Gail, Anita

These fine people have all customized a fashion illustration to their specifications.  I have learned a lot from my first five clients, and so changes are being made to the original offer. Starting with the name – I am now calling them Fashion Figures.

A Fashion Figure is a single illustrated figure in the tradition of classic fashion illustration, slightly exaggerated and stylized. It can be a female or male figure of any age, from any angle, front back or side. It can be full colour or just highlighted with one or two colours. The illustration can represent anyone real or fictional; not just yourself. It could be a gift for someone. It can be as true to life or fantastically outrageous as you like.

If you love fashion, you are probably familiar with the art of fashion illustration and express yourself or your craft through clothing or appearance. A custom Fashion Figure communicates your style and ideas through fashion illustration. You can be anywhere in the world. You do not have to be a fashion blogger or a fashion designer to get one – all you need is an idea for your fashion figure.

You can have your Fashion Figure printed on business cards or moo cards, post cards, gift cards, posters, archival prints for your wall, and even some garments and objects.  You may use it online in correspondence and online profiles. Further rights to publish and distribute it are also available.

Email me at for details.

12 thoughts on “fashion figures”

  1. I have to say, being in possession of mine for some time, that it was money well spent. Aside from the obvious fun of being illustrated, these cards catch people’s attention. Plus people who may forget your name but remember your face, have a bit of help. These are, of course, the necessary functions of a good card. Yet most fail. These succeed.

  2. Getting an idea is the best part Barry… so have fun thinking about it.

    Ryan, thanks for the review.

    Regarding Ryan’s illustration, he got it printed on Moo Cards, as well as featuring it on his blog and his Facebook. He was also imaginative with his brief – robot hands. I like that.

    You aren’t limited to reality when you invent your cards.

  3. danielle…

    i am interested…very interested! how does it work? shall i send you a photo of myself and perhaps a dream-like request to make me thinner and dress me up in an outfit i cannot afford?

    in earnest, let me know how it works.



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