fashion illustrated – Sevin-Doering pattern puzzle

Once again Kathleen at Fashion-Incubator provides an irresistible puzzle for a fashion illustrator who also fancies herself pretty keen on patternmaking.  As before, the challenge is to guess what the garment looks like based on the flat pattern alone.  This time, the designer is Geneviève Sevin-Doering.  Here are the flat patterns:

The red one on the left seems pretty straightforward in a slightly crooked way.  The blue one on the right baffles me.  This guess at the garment is really just a wild stab in the dark. My theory is that it is a two-in-one garment, either double-layered (as drawn here) or with two separate sets of armholes to allow the wearer to don the garment in two different ways.

I haven’t tried to peek at the answers yet – I’ll wait until Kathleen does the reveal next week.

9 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – Sevin-Doering pattern puzzle”

  1. These are great! Love the drawings – and your guesses. Don’t think those are double armholes on the second one, though. I think the bottom of the “J” sews to itself to create a cowl. Although I could be totally wrong – the images of her stuff that I found online looked very “finished”, not as conceptual as I’d thought they would look… really impressive designer!

  2. Irene – that’s a good point.

    Shop T.O. Live – I wouldn’t say that I’ve solved these – I bet anything that the actual dresses look completely different than these drawings.

    The second dress is really a mind-bender. Do these things remind anyone else of a Rorschach test?

  3. erk! What makes you think I know the answer to these! lol I haven’t even had time to play with it and wanted to see what my resident geniuses came up with.

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