fashion moo cards

This offer has been updated.  Please visit here for current details.

Everyone I meet has been loving my Moo Cards. They are small, high-quality business cards that you can upload as many as 100 images to, with whatever info you want on the back.

fashion moo cards

When I made mine, I noticed the dimensions (1″ by 2.75″) were ideal for my favourite format – the fashion figure. Then I had a little idea… and in the spirit of micro-preneurship, I have decided to make a limited time offer.

Custom Fashion Illustrations on Moo Cards.

$124.98 USD will get you

100 moo cards featuring

one custom fashion figure illustration – black and white line art

design and style the outfit yourself

pick the style of model, mood, makeup, even pose

man, woman or child

customize your information on the back

plus a 72 dpi jpeg image file (500 x 1375 pixels)

with the right to use the image online for 10 years



for an additional $50 USD, I will colour the image



for an additional $500 USD you will receive a high-definition printable pdf file

the signed original mailed to you

rights to use the illustration in all media for 50 years



if you are a blogger and you make a post about your fashion moo cards

and link to me

before August 30 2007

you get $50 USD off and a reciprocal link





look at my Flickr to get the idea of my style of illustration

all your questions about Moo Cards answered here

if you have any other questions just email me at







If you have any comments, please share. Even if you are not interested in your own fashion moo cards, what are your reactions to the idea?

Are there any bloggers interested in being the demo run? We could cross-post a little series to show how the process works.

Update – Carolyn has agreed to participate in the demo. Check it out here.

16 thoughts on “fashion moo cards”

  1. I love the idea – I just don’t have the $ to spring for your designs right now. Your cards do look amazing though.

  2. Thanks Henna – as a blogger it would be a mere $69 USD + shipping if you got the moo cards.

    If you wanted the jpg image by itself and you blogged it, it would be a flat $50 USD.

    That is a smoking deal on an original illustration to your specifications + rights, plus I’ll blog about you getting it, so my audience will learn a little more about you and your site through the process.

    Carolyn has agreed to be the test subject. Check out the service she gets for $50 USD.

    I’m only going to do this for a limited time (limited until I don’t want to do it anymore).

  3. I think your Moo Cards are amazing and original! I love your illustrations and you are one talented chick! I know this is a limited time thing but when I update my business cards and my site I’d love get a quote on some designs! 🙂

  4. Glad the responses so far are positive. Perhaps once I do the demo maybe people will pick it up.

    Joy – I look forward to working with you!

  5. I’m going to get some of Danielle’s illustrated Moo Cards and I’m so excited! We’re working on them now, so I can’t wait to tell you about them when they’re done.

    I think this is a great idea. Thanks, D.

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