These are some of my favourite posts on Final Fashion.

silhouettes and signals

Considering this biological instinct to favour “natural” beauty, it’s fascinating how human beings have used fashion throughout the centuries to subvert our own proportions. We will use any technological means at our disposal, whether it’s padding, scaffolding, compression, surgery, propping, binding or prosthetics.

the true fashion feud – words vs images

Fashion is a visual world – images always come first, and they’re always stronger. Words are an upstart force in fashion – but they have their own pugnacious power that cannot be denied.

words for kids who love fashion

If you only consume fashion media, your work will become derivative. Please don’t contribute to fashion’s stagnation. Be disruptive. Use the entire world as your inspiration.

thoughts on contemporary fashion illustration

The current state of fashion illustration is a tiny niche on the periphery of fashion’s consciousness. Even within the industry, the names of fashion illustrators aren’t well known.

the masculine renunciation

The sacrifice that the abandonment of fashion symbolizes is less often considered.

how to draw a fashion figure

If you can follow instructions, you too can draw a fashion figure. Grab three sheets of translucent layout paper or tracing paper, a pencil and you’re ready to go.

the indefinable decades

I remember looking forward to seeing the 20th century laid out in a row of 10 clearly defined figures, but of course by the time that happened, I was old enough to realize that the 1990s didn’t fit the formula.

street style signals

Can’t stop, I’m always late and they’re holding up the show just for me. The wind is in my hair. If you want my photo, shoot fast. Fabulous never waits!

toe to type

Round toes remain the most current style at the present moment, despite occasional glossy proclamations that round is over, points have failed to gain much more than a niche toehold in this century.

red dress blue dress

When wearing red or blue, it is good to be aware of the messages these colours send, because if you’re mixing messages it is better to do it with intention.

the insider issue

In fashion, insider status is coveted by those who lack it and flaunted by those who have it.

eight types of fashion designers

As there are different movements in art, different genres of films and endless categorizations within music, so it is with fashion.

the technique trap

While technically focused designers often end up being influential to other designers, they almost always fail to develop a lasting legacy and the license-able name that goes with it. Technique-driven design is fascinating to hard-core fashion nerds, but it is not a route to riches.

the fashion week thriving kit

Why focus on just surviving, why run with the middle of the pack? Why not pack a thriving kit instead?

the aesthetics of scarcity

The last visceral shocker left to fashion is olfactory. This is why crust pants, whether affected or actual, seem to represent fashion’s last stand.

five ways to end your fashion design career

Christobel Balenciaga chose when to retire. It is a rare designer who can exit so gracefully. From history, here are five more ways to drop out as a fashion designer.

the economics of style – youth culture patterns

Hipsters fixate on the trappings of manual labour with the same fervour that the Teds romanticize the clothing of a lost leisure class.

what it is for – it girls and fashion

Don’t get sidetracked by the envy which is just a natural byproduct of not being an it girl in an it girl world. You are in denial if you think you can make it in fashion without embracing it.

Vionnet vs. Chanel

They were both incredible female designers whose work defined the changing identities of women in the 1920s and 30s. Chanel remains a legend, whereas Vionnet’s name is almost totally forgotten outside of the bubble of fashion. Why?

visit to the Dr. Martens factory

It was amazing to see my favourite boot get born – but don’t take my word for it, here’s some pictures.

my Dr. Martens history

I’ve never had the heart to throw any of them out, even though several of them are no longer wearable. Now that I am moving to London, I have to throw out a lot of stuff. Before I lay these boots down to rest, I wanted to record them and their stories. Here is my history, in DMs.

how to be a fashion illustrator

The experiences of previous generations are more fascinating and romantic than useful. So before you read any further – its normal to feel like you don’t know what you are doing, and you are not the only one that feels that way.

terms of internship

I am skeptical that internships are the only way – or necessarily the best way – to get into the fashion industry. And via Final Fashion, I am essentially betting my own career on this.