FREE Skillshare Class – Digital Drawing with Attitude


Ready to Draw Fashion Now online? It’s exciting to share this with everyone. While I was in New York City in September, I created a FREE Skillshare class on how to draw fashion, using Paper by FiftyThree. It covers proportions, gesture, contraposto, drafting, inking, dressing and colouring the fashion figure – all using the iPad. Don’t have an iPad? That’s okay, all of the instructions are adaptable to any touchscreen tablet – and analog pencil and paper too.

To complement the class, there’s a FREE set of templates you can download too – so you can drop into the instructions at any point you like. I’ll be checking in from time to time to see when students upload their projects and to answer any questions that come up. If you like my class, you should check out the other classes on Skillshare – I really love Shantell Martin’s freestyle drawing class.

As a bonus act, I also did a live watercolour demo, sharing here to give you a taste of what I do at fashion week!