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Did you ever have a feeling, whether it is a happy day or a sad day, that the world is full of love and opportunity and new things to learn? Lately I have been lucky to really feel so aware. Life has been full. My little cat Sly died and I lost my part-time boutique job. Disappointments are heartfelt but pass quickly. There is so much joy too.


I am now a professional fashion illustrator. I am honoured to have clients who choose to work with me, and I now make almost all my income from illustration projects for fashion designers all over the world. I really enjoy my work, and I strive to give my clients conscientious service, accurate illustrations for production and attractive illustrations for promotion. Because I am still learning (always learning) my early clients take part in the process of creating a professional out of raw resources. I have learned a lot from my clients and thank them for taking a chance to give experience to a novice.

There is a lot to learn as I am formalizing what I do. Entrepreneurship is exciting to explore. Kathleen posted a comment I made over at the Fashion-Incubator that demonstrates the process I am in – defining what I am and how I do what I do.

Among other clicks and etceteras…

I am reading Even Cowgirls get the Blues and “getting it” a lot better than I did when I was younger. It is about living at the edges, being free and weird, among other things. Almost as good as Skinny Legs and All.

Two terrific articles over at I will teach you to be rich: Guilt and our Choices and We love to debate minutiae.

NOW Magazine is having a contest to select one of Toronto’s Up and Coming Designers. The nominees are all well chosen. The best part is we all get to vote. Based on the nominee page I am quite taken with the work of several designers. But I need to see more, it is so hard to decide on just one! This contest is part of the upcoming Toronto Fashion and Design Festival… which I must say I am really looking forward to.

My first post is up on blogTO, and here is my second post too. I am with the media, as they say.

I have not forgotten Final Fashion even though I am posting all over. Stay tuned for an update on Carolyn’s Moo cards.

In the meantime, before you click away from this post, answer me this question, especially if you are not from Toronto.


Can you name 5 Canadian designers?

No Google allowed.

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  1. Truthfully, I can only name one that I remember. I think he is an Canadian designer, Alfred Sung. I remember that name because I got married 3 years ago and saw some of his designs. Sorry, so with that said I am going to look up designers so that I am in the know.

    Just wanted to say I am sorry your cat died and I am excited for you with the fashion illustration career move you made. I know several people that love doing fashion illustration and you have really good drawings. So just remember to live and learn while you go. Peace!

  2. Oh Danielle! I’m so sorry to hear about Sly.

    Justina McCaffrey
    Linda Lundstrom
    Brian Bailey
    Joseph Mimran
    Dan & Dean Caten

    (and the local big show, Richard Robinson)

  3. Even Cowgirls is almost as good as Skinny Legs?! I wasn’t even sure if I liked Skinny Legs at all. Cowgirls features the thumb/brain argument, the chapter about the surgery in form of a poem, the Chink, his Clock, militant vaginas, peyote, and Whooping Cranes — how can you top that? Skinny Legs just has a spoon, a can, and a sock.

    I might like Jitterbug Perfume even more than Cowgirls, though.

    So sorry to hear about your cat. Few things are tougher to go through.

  4. Oh, Danielle. Yes, I can name five Canadian designers, but I’m much too sad about your gorgeous Sly to be bothered. I was an emotional wreck when my Duffy died (while I was on exchange, of all times!), so I know how you feel. Hang in there, and remember what a great home you made for him. Also, congrats on the career progression;)

  5. Thank you all for your kind sympathy about Sly. I’ve never had to experience making that choice before and it was very difficult. I did a lot of crying last week. She was a sweet old cat and we miss her lots.

    Eric – Skinny Legs also had Jerusalem, a giant Turkey Airstream, and all sorts of gods and goddesses! It was the only thing I’ve ever read that is about the war in the MidEast and is also readable and interesting. The objects themselves aren’t just comic relief either but also characters. Sissy is a better lead than Ellen Cherry though I will concur. Jitterbug on the other hand I only remember bits of. It didn’t seem that great when I read it but that was years ago.

    I’ll be writing more about building my business soon, it is an interesting turn of events and keeping me busy.

  6. Danielle – sorry to hear about your cat. 🙁

    But on a positive note – everyone is asking who did your illustration! It’s fantastic and was exactly what I wanted. I can’t wait to get my moo cards!


  7. Hey Danielle I am so sorry to hear about your cat, I have had to make that choice before and I know how hard it can be. Good luck with your business I know you will do well with whatever path you take 🙂

  8. Thank you again everyone!

    Gail – I’m going to follow up on the Moo Cards soon, it’s taking a bit longer than I thought because of busyness… I’m just thrilled that your illustration has generated such an enthusiastic response!

    Christy – I still have my big cat Mac, so I probably won’t get another kitty for a while… just wait for another happy happenstance like how I got Sly.


  9. D-Squared, Dan and Dean Caten
    Anniey Thompson
    Muriel Dombret
    Morales, Renata Morales
    Danielle Meder

    Sorry to learn about the losses in your life. You have a positive attitude about it and are already ahead of yourself because you know you will learn from it and hence will succeed.

    Now, on to read your other posts you floozie!

  10. awwww…so sorry to hear about your kitty cat…he was a cutie…

    jeremy laing
    my girl chrystal macleod (tres up and coming)
    ula zukowska
    andy the-anh

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. Nothing beats kitty love. I wanted to comment on your refreshingly positive attitude. I rarely come in contact with people who make lemonade when lemons come tumbling down. It’s that attitude that will take you far in life and will make you successful. Cheers Danielle.

    Five Canadian Designers

    Nicolas Andreas Taralis
    Jeremy Laing
    Marie Saint Pierre
    Arthur Mendonca

  12. ahhhhhhh!! I will miss that Kitty. She was SO cute and so fun to hold.

    If it makes you feel any better, my 14 year old cat Percy died this summer also. 🙁 His widow, Tabby, really misses him.

  13. Hi Danielle,

    I cant help but relate to your situation! I’m currently trying to get in to fashion illustration and would would appreciate any helpful advice 🙂 email me…thanks ….


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