Holly Godarkly paper doll for Shorts That Are Not Pants

holly godarkly doll web

I was asked to create a poster for Shorts That Are Not Pants, a sweet short film festival happening here in Toronto on July 18th. James, the founder of the festival, made the referral for the big WWD on Paper gig in NYC, so I was more than happy to give some good karma back! Being given a completely open brief was a somewhat bewildering though. Initially I worked on a very straight-forward take on the event’s name (below), but subsequently decided to indulge my own camp proclivities and create a paper doll based on one of my all-time favourite famous film posters. This punked-down version of Holly Golightly would wear shorts – with short hair – and a short stogie instead of the long cigarette holder.

There will be a limited edition print made for giveaways at the July 18th screening in Toronto, so if you can make it out to Shorts That Are Not Pants next month you could win a free Holly Godarkly paper doll.

shorts not pants poster

6 thoughts on “Holly Godarkly paper doll for Shorts That Are Not Pants”

  1. Danielle, this is so great! Thanks for making us look much cooler than we really are. And glad you ended up having fun despite the fact I gave you so little direction. 🙂

  2. You have captured the Godarkly perfectly. Please plan to attend a Paperdoll convention one day. This year it’s from the 29th August to 1st Sept. in Los Angeles. I’ m flying over from London.

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