5 thoughts on “how to hire a fashion illustrator – third edition”

  1. Really like your point about looking at someone’s portfolio before hiring them. There are so many different approaches to everything that just because you get along or know someone, doesn’t mean they are the best person to work with for your own needs. Not the best situation for either party involved, and it has nothing to do with skill most of the time – just the right fit.

    Anyway, love love love how insightful and useful this is, not just for fashion illustrators but for hiring other creative service providers/freelancers as well!

  2. The glam and beauty of a finished client project is great but it’s often what happens behind the scenes (aka the business side) that isn’t as transparent. Thanks so much for shedding light on the matter!

    As a fellow illustrator, I have a question about payment schedule: who gets to set it? I’d like to think ideally one would be paid upon completion and delivery of the project, but sometimes the client has their own schedule (30 days from receipt of invoice). What do you think?

  3. Re: payment schedule – it can be set by either the client or the illustrator. Personally, for small projects on tight timelines, I tend to either invoice at the start or when I deliver the first rough work. Larger projects I sometimes break down into two payments, usually one near the beginning of the project and the second after completion. Corporations often won’t budge from the policies set by their accounting departments – if you want those clients you usually (not always) have to play their way.

    The payment schedule is just another negotiation opportunity. If a client offers a low-ish budget, you as the illustrator can suggest “OK, I can offer you a deal if you pay up front”.

  4. I have tried contacting several fashion illustrators for a small job and thus far, no answers. Any suggestions on where to look for an illustrator willing to create 5 to 7 color images for use on a website header and blog? Thanks for any help you or your readers can give, pointing me in the right direction.

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