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The best way to find a good beard is to first understand your face shape. Good thing these London barbers are here to help you get the right beard for your face shape.

1. Oval

According to Joe Mills of Joe & Co Barbers, the best style for people with an oval face is achieving a square shape at the jaw. Joe also says that the beard should have clean lines on the cheeks, a cut underneath, and short on the sides.

2. Rectangle

Lilybelle Louis of Pall Mall Barbers advises adding some width across the cheeks with your beard if you have a rectangle and less elongated face.

3. Triangle

Having this face shape requires taking the attention away from your wide chin. Luckily, a “beard stache” can save the day.

4. Round

Go for a beard that’s short on the cheeks and long towards the chin. You could go with a goatee with stubble on the cheeks.

5. Heart

Louis advises that a large beard makes your face look smaller. A designer stubble with more length to the mustache and chin would be best.

6. Square

Lilybelle advises keeping the chin area pointed or rounded to complement the shape. A goatee softens that jawline while keeping your face chiseled.

7. Diamond

Diamonds only need to keep the hair on your chin neutral to the cheekbones. Mills warns about growing it as it would only accentuate the face shape more.

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