HP Days – Fresh Paint portfolio

HP days 1

It was an amusing switch to go from the front row at a runway show to drawing at the Best Buy store at the Eaton Centre in the same week, such is the career of a fashion illustrator in the 21st century I suppose! Glam to geeky.

HP Days 2

This time, I was using the HP ENVY Touchsmart and a Nomad digital paintbrush using the Fresh Paint application. I always love the opportunity to imagine and sketch for a long stretch of time, and the results of exploring digital materials continue to interest me. After having spent over 50 hours on Fresh Paint in December, I was delighted to discover even more new techniques and ideas to play with.

HP days 3

The first day, I was working more with graphic layouts.

HP days 4

On the second day, I went wild with the paint mixing aspect, the red one in particular pleases me.

HP days 5