Introducing Drawing Tarot

I’m back in Toronto for the summer and autumn, and I’ve been welcomed into the wonderful Darling Mansion as my temporary residence. It’s been great to be back, but I won’t lie and say it’s been easy. After a four month journey of self-discovery, I had returned to where I had come from but I was no longer at home in my old life.

It’s funny how the universe conspires to keep you humble. On my journey I had experienced a feeling of grace and transcendence, and I wanted to hold on to that feeling, but the harder I gripped it the more I lost my grip. So much of the first half of the summer was spent wrestling with the havoc being absent for four months inflicted on my practical affairs and personal relationships. It wasn’t fun, and I wasn’t taking good care of myself, with predictable results.

Thankfully someone dear and smart called me out on my bad behaviour, and despite feeling hurt from the blunt edge of the facts, I decided to go back to basics and really commit to my new reality. I knew I wasn’t going to return to fashion week in September. I knew that the only thing that really satisfied me was writing, but I was often avoiding it because it terrified me. It took less effort to distract myself with wrong choices than to work on the right ones, but clearly this was causing problems.

So July and August I stripped my life of distractions and focused on good habits. Like, flossing my teeth every day. Writing in my journal. Meditating every day. Running three times a week. And most importantly, writing a thousand words a day on my novel. All of these tasks are small and not transformative on their own. After just a few weeks though, my mood improved, and I was gentler with myself and others. After a few more weeks the words began to add up (as of writing this, I’ve done 40k), and the meditation began to return me to that state of wonder I had lost. My body felt more resilient and powerful, and my mind was keen again. Sensitivity and synchronicity returned to my life.

In that spirit I was given inspiration for a new project, Drawing Tarot. Ever since March, I’ve been engaging with the Tarot in a far more intimate way than I ever have before. Devoting myself to studying the cards as a communicative link between art and life, I’ve been doing many readings for friends, in addition to seeking deeper supporting knowledge like Jung. It’s all come together and the readings are now flowing just as intuitively as my drawings do. This month, I realized that I was ready to share my Tarot practice with the world. It felt natural to combine this offering with my gift for live portraiture. The result is Drawing Tarot.

To celebrate the birth of this new project, my absence from fashion week, and my thirty fifth birthday, I am apprenticing myself to my querents for the month of September 2017. I will be giving away free in-person readings and live portraits to anyone who wants one, schedule permitting, from September 1 to September 30 in Toronto’s west end. Interested? Get in touch!

And thank you! XD

photo by Arden Wray

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  1. Today I met up with a Beauty I immediately took to once I met her at my old studio space. We did a fantastic reading, and this is the ONLY time something of this nature has ever materialized in my life. It was spot on and very calming. Lots of Love Mz Danielle and a HUGE THANKS!

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