invitation – Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour

Expect to hear a lot about this from me, because I have been a fan of Julian Roberts since 2006 and am so hyped that he is bringing his Subtraction Cutting classes to my fashion school – Ryerson University in Toronto – and also across North America!

Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour. This June, at Ryerson University.

WHO: Julian Roberts
WHAT: North American Subtraction Cutting Tour – New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Portland, Oregon!
WHEN: June 14th & 15th
WHERE: Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.
WHY: To support the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Fashion commencing Fall 2010

Curious?  Julian’s website is open on Wednesdays, so mark it in your day planner and get a peek of what is coming across the Atlantic.  If you are into playing with techniques and experimenting outside the conventions of traditional fashion design, you will love this.

5 thoughts on “invitation – Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour”

  1. That is amazing, I was actually exprimenting with this method for the last couple of month…fun and very avantgarde.

  2. Sorry… My techie/engineering side took over….
    If you change your PC’s calendar date to last Wednesday, you can access Julian’s website any day – even on a Monday! 😉

  3. Remember to reset your computer clocks back to the correct time afterwards if you do change them to a Wednesday 10.00-20.00… otherwise all my kind supporters will be out of sync and you’ll be going home from work at the wrong hour!!! :)))
    I’ll hopefully be doing something in San Francisco or LA too. Wish i could do more venues!
    Thanks Danielle, much love X

  4. This event looks amazing! I can’t wait to learn this innovative technique from the inventor himself!

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