invitation – tickets available for Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour

I just bought my ticket for the lecture and master class.  There are early bird tickets available until April 9.

Julian Roberts has been a great internet inspiration for me and I am SO THRILLED to be able to have him come to Toronto and share his enthusiasm and inventiveness in real life.  If you are a fashion designer, fashion student, or you are an artist or entrepreneur interested in unconventional approaches to everything, this is a must-attend event.

This sort of instruction is something that never used to exist at fashion schools in Toronto – thanks to the Chair of the School of Fashion at Ryerson, Robert Ott, we now have the opportunity to experience and celebrate unusual thinking in fashion design and communication.  I believe taking educational chances like this one will encourage fashion creators to really push the envelope, and create a more exciting, adventurous future for the fashion scene in this city.

Subtraction Cutting Tour with Julian Roberts at Ryerson School of Fashion

Julian Roberts the expert in Subtraction Cutting will captivate the fashion minds of Toronto by sharing his perspectives of fashion design. His North American expedition includes New York, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver and Portland, Oregon.

Enrich your future with new ideas and methods at this fun event.

When? June 14th & 15th, 2010
Day 1– hour long lecture, elegant reception with dramatic fashion show
Day 2 – all day workshop to work along side Julian Roberts

Where? Ryerson University Campus, Toronto – Ontario.

Why? To support the Master of Arts (MA) degree in fashion commencing Fall 2010

To learn it all click here to download more information about Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour.

7 thoughts on “invitation – tickets available for Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour”

  1. I’m still mulling which kind of ticket to get. The reception is a $150 extra. I know all proceed goes to the MA program, but that’s steep~

  2. Alexandra – I wish you could come!

    Elle – I just got the class/lecture ticket, money is a factor for me too. I’m hoping we can steal Julian away after the reception for a beer and maybe have a reception of our own 😉

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