it’s neat stuff…

I’ve discovered a new artist that I love… Celia Calle.

…and she has a blog!

The Coutorture party is off the hook. Lots of awesome people coming who I can’t wait to meet are coming, including fiftyrx3 and Stereoette! Are you coming? RSVP Julie.

Can I admit it? I’ve been reading Kathy Sierra and Guy Kawasaki lately. Not sure what they’re talking about sometimes but they sure are talented and entertaining authors.

4 thoughts on “it’s neat stuff…”

  1. Danielle, you know I love you but your font is so small that I can’t even read it! Is there any way you can make it a little bigger? I’m already as blind as a bat. 😛

  2. Hm, Isabel, I’m not sure how to change the size of the font… I’ll muck about in the template sometime when I’m feeling brave…

  3. Most browsers let you change the font size such that everyone can set it to the size that works for them. Usually the setting is under the View menu and is called something like “Text Size”.

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