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Designers and models aren’t the only ones spinning the fashion world. There are more people in the industry that keeps it running. Here, we will narrow it down to the coolest jobs and let you know the men who turned their passion for fashion into something that pays them well.

1. Bryan Mora, Sneaker Authenticator

Mora has been handling sneakers since he was 16 and this landed him one of the best jobs ever. He knows how to spot out fakes in Sneaker Cons and getting to hold the rarest sneakers makes his job the coolest.

2. SangievSriskumar, Style Youtuber

Fashion has been a forefront for social media influencers and, engaging followers is a massive part of Sriskumar’s job. He may be mostly swarmed with e-mails but the fun starts at the parties and red carpets.

3. Sinead O’Sullivan, Movie Costume Designer

The love for fashion and storytelling is part of O’Sullivan’s job. His job is to create a character’s look with the combination of the writer and director’s vision. He admits that the typical work hours are a drag. Nonetheless, doing what he loves makes it rewarding.

4. George Bamford, Watch Customizer

Caring about the individual is what separates Bamford’s job from watch companies. His job focuses on revamping luxury watches to his client’s liking. Years later, Bamford has created his own line of watches, the Mayfair.

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