live sketching at Nicole Miller fall 2013

nicole miller 3

The second show I sketched with watercolours at New York Fashion Week was Nicole Miller. It was one of the more celebrity-heavy shows I’ve ever been to – at one point I attempted a photo-bomb behind hip hop star Eve while she was getting papped, shooting a pop-eyed stare back at the cameras from behind my sketchbook. For some reason these particular shots didn’t get picked up by the wire services, haha.

nicole miller 2

This time, I was sketching at a larger format than ever before, a 14″ x 20″ Arches watercolour tablet, and I believe I have discovered how big is too big when it comes to sketching at a fashion show. Lucky that I was in an aisle seat, so I could place these massive sheets of paper in the aisle to dry. Still, after the show when everyone gets up in a crushing mad dash to get out, I had to sweep up my papers so quickly most of the sketches got smudged.

The other aspect of the larger paper that doesn’t quite work is because the top of the paper is so far away on my lap, I find the proportions of the figures get distorted, which I don’t realize while I’m rocking out to the pop music and absorbing the show. Perhaps this is the reason that in this particular group of sketches, the heads tended to be too small and the legs were too long.

nicole miller 1

The show was so high-energy, sexy and fun, technical issues aside, I am happy with a few sketches that resulted – or parts of them anyway. Thanks to the team at Nicole Miller for granting me the opportunity!



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  1. I thought your tablet sketches on WWD were really cool, but there’s just something about putting a real brush to real paper. These are incredible. I would love to one day make a living as you do!

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