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Speaking of Montreal, I am so pleased to finally find Canadian-Fashion-Designers-who-Blog… Mackage!

Even in mangled internet translation it’s a neat peek into design and production, traveling, fashion weeks and building the brand.

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  1. Ahh Mackage. I bought one of their jackets this season. It had my name as a style name so I couldn’t resist. I was disappointed to learn that their coats aren’t made in canada, they are made in China. But I guess when you are that big, it’s just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Saw the Ryerson clothing in the Holt Renfrew windows yesterday, looks awsome, especially that glove dress! (not that I would wear it, but it was cool)

  3. That’s such a bummer they’re not producing locally. Why? Canada is so strong in coats. I don’t see how they couldn’t manage to be profitable if they had their act together. How depressing. It gets old seeing this over and over and over and over…

  4. They do produce some styles in Canada, and if not for the tariffs on wool,I’m sure all those styles would be done in China as well. It is a bummer that a CDN company like this produces in China, as they certainly capitalize on our strong outerwear reputation.

  5. They actually produce 80% of the collection in Canada amd proud of it! unfortunatly in this industry sometimes you have to outsource. As long as Canada can provide they will produce in there hometown. The only bummer is to make all the ladies that crave Mackage happy they sometimes need to do what it takes to do so.

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