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For those who want to play with paper dolls, I have created a little paper doll PDF shop.  Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below.

A PDF is a high-resolution, printable file.  Unlike the JPGs you see online, these will print clearly with no pixellation.  These PDFs are in standard letter format and can be printed on any printer, on any type of paper you desire.  For just 3$ to 5$ per doll, download and print as many times as you like, cut out and play and display to your heart’s content.

A little bit about the thinking behind paper dolls in PDF format…

Over the last year, I’ve experimented with various ways of selling paper dolls, and despite a huge amount of enthusiasm and publicity for the book format, it simply was not as successful as the PDF format.  I think the non-precious nature of an image file makes it easier for people to do what they want to do with paper dolls – print them off multiple times, cut them out with scissors, modify them, wreck them without guilt, whatever.

Though print-on-demand books are easy, POD is also still a relatively new technology, expensive and sometimes unreliable. I’m often encouraged by friends to pursue printed products – like gift cards, fancy prints to hang on the wall, or whatever – the truth is that I’m not interested enough in being a wholesaler or retailer to deal with that side of the business, not that I’ve ever received enough demand to make it worth pursuing.  Inventory and trips to the post office… lets just say I can live without these things.  I like being a fashion illustrator/blogger, and I’d rather leave the physical-product-making and selling part of the business to those with the enthusiasm for it.  So, want to hook me up with your book-publishing, letter-press-printing, t-shirt-wholesaling, tchotchke-manufacturing friends? I’m into it – let’s do business.

I’ve decided to take a hint from iTunes, so you can pick and choose your favourite dolls.  Could someone rip me off?  It is conceivable that they could, and I’ve decided that’s a moral hazard worth the risk. Just having a PDF for personal use means you can make your own on-demand books, print the stuff on whatever you want, even modify the drawings on your own computer, but it does not give you any copyright over the image, so if you try and use it to make money without paying me, that’s illegal. I believe you are law abiding people with at least $5 and the ability to spend it.  Prove me right!

Paper dolls are something that I love to do, so I will, over time, be posting more dolls.  I am thinking about making multiple PDFs for sale at a discount if there is a demand for that. Feel free to make requests, send suggestions and ideas, I can’t guarantee that I’ll do them but I definitely appreciate and consider all your comments and contributions.  Thank you!

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