new sponsors for May 2010

It has been 13 months (over a year!!) since I soft launched this sponsor program on Final Fashion. To see it grow and thrive has been truly amazing, and the support of so many like-minded businesses provides ever-more inspiration for me to make this site all it can be for the benefit of everyone involved. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Ask me how.

This May I have two stellar new sponsors taking their places the sidebar.  Allow me to introduce them –

Rock-it Promotions is one of Toronto’s top independent PR agencies, specializing in fashion, lifestyle and talent. The lead rock star at rock-it, Debra Goldblatt, has been keeping an eye on bloggers for years now – she played a key role in giving us access to Fashion Week in Toronto back when you could count the fashion bloggers in Toronto on your fingers.  That also means that she’s been following Final Fashion long enough to remember how scrappy it used to be. To have a respected PR company like Rock-it invest in Final Fashion, to me, validates years of effort building the site’s credibility. That rocks.

As I have mentioned before, and will again, the fact that the 2010 Julian Roberts Subtraction Cutting Tour is coming to Ryerson University in Toronto is off the hook. What is it and why am I so psyched? Check out this post. And buy tickets!

Much thanks to all my returning sponsors – please check them out:

  • Bijouxbead – beautiful handcrafted jewelry featuring quality materials, available in Toronto and worldwide online.
  • 18karat – stunning handcrafted jewelry made in downtown Toronto.
  • LIV by Au Lit – gorgeous linens and housewares and chic casual clothing, available only in uptown Toronto.
  • Fashion Crimes – fabulous dresses and accessories from the queen of crinolines, Pam Chorley, available only in downtown Toronto.
  • Shopgirls – fashion and art boutique featuring some of Canada’s most creative fashion designers, plus so many fun events and workshops, in downtown Toronto with special items available worldwide online.
  • Magnet Creative – branding, publicity and events for all kinds of creative kindred.
  • PunkMedics – stripped-down simple skincare for vegans, the recently body-modified and other sensitive souls, shipped worldwide.
  • Toronto Fashion Incubator – the world’s first non-profit organization created to support entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, offering services and resources to members both in Toronto and across Canada.