paper doll – Anna Dello Russo for The Hudson’s Bay Company

Wow! This is a dream paper doll – inspired by fashion maniac and fountain of enthusiasm Anna Dello Russo, commissioned by great Canadian department store, The Hudson’s Bay Company. Drawing this doll was truly one of the greatest pleasures of my life. ADR is all whimsy and colour and glittering glamour layered over a slamming hot body. The perfect fashion paper doll. She unreservedly loved the tribute, with effusive exclamation marks!!! I love you Anna Dello Russo!!!

The striding stance of the doll is an homage to the work of Tommy Ton, whose photos of ADR are currently being exhibited in The Room at the Bay flagship in Toronto. Tommy is a total inspiration both as an image maker and a fashion careerist. To get a sense of the synchronicity between shooter and subject, this interview on is a must read.

Big, heartfelt thanks to Anna Dello Russo, Tommy Ton, Christopher Sherman and everyone at The Bay for a beautiful opportunity to participate in a true fashion moment. Love!!!

Thanks to Sharon at The Backseat Stylers for capturing ADR and the dolls at the signing!

14 thoughts on “paper doll – Anna Dello Russo for The Hudson’s Bay Company”

  1. She’s lovely! Still need to sort out a trial cutting on my machine at some point but we are still in limbo housing wise and I’m reluctant to start anything.

    Also my sister is opening her studio some point soon. Maybe you guys should meet up as she is much more fashion forward than I am. She’s not much of a blogger though.

  2. So beautiful! For some reason, I feel like this particular doll really captures your style perfectly. The range of the outfits and of the heads gives a good feel for how you design your drawings. Love it!

  3. I meant to say this a looong time ago, but congrats on the ADR paper doll project for the Bay, Danielle! You did a fantastic job, as always.

    Thanks for the link love too – much appreciated. Although, the link seems to go to your profile. 😉

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