paper doll – Balenciaga Fall 2010

After so much taupe and black, I was craving a colourful paper doll and so Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière was a natural choice – all the more fun to draw because the clothes are so unusual.  The most difficult thing to render was the typography prints, and there was so much texture and detail to every garment that I had to take some shortcuts here and there so the doll wouldn’t take a prohibitive amount of time to create.  I am incredibly curious about how this collection would appear up close.  The doll is based on Sara Blomqvist.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $5 CDN.  Just click the button below.

8 thoughts on “paper doll – Balenciaga Fall 2010”

  1. Balenciaga sure does know colour! When I was at HR this fall shopping for a handbag, that’s the table that drew me in. I’d be walking around with one of their pale turquoise bags if it hadn’t been three times my rent. 🙁

    Love the pink vest the most! Makes me want to knit a super bulky version out of handspun.

  2. Maybe my favorite doll from you yet!

    I think this works so well because the collection lends itself to so much creative mixing and matching, which is perfect for paper doll play. I’m dying to see that typography tank with the red pants and the sweater with the jeans. And the pink vest with pretty much everything.

  3. In the photo I’m looking at, the pink outfit looks like separates, but I guess it could be a dress too, which ups the interest factor. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

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