paper doll – Lucian Matis Fall 2010

Many of you have requested a Lucian Matis paper doll, so for my final doll of this season’s series, I am happy to oblige.  Matis’  Fall 2010 collection was a romantic gesture towards his heritage, executed with a sense of lavishness unique on the runways of Toronto.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $5 CDN. Just click the button below.

13 thoughts on “paper doll – Lucian Matis Fall 2010”

  1. Well done Danielle. Having Lucian Matis’ collection in paper doll form is a great choice to end the season. Looking forward to when the second paper doll book will be available for purchase online.

  2. OMG Lucian’s work is stunning!!!!!! LOVE this collection and your drawings to justice to the line.
    Good work!

  3. Fantastic!
    Those are my jewellery designs you captured so perfectly.
    I’m interested in owning a copy, please send me details.
    Karen McFarlane, Jewellery by Karen

  4. I absolutely love these! Very elegant, avant garde but classy. Makes me want to wear it all. 🙂

  5. thank you for an inspirational, entertaining morning viewing your paper doll collectiins. I’d respect your opinion on my illustration attempts and will be e-mailing you a couple of samples soon. thanks again! PJ

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