paper doll – Michael Kors Fall 2010

By popular request, here is the Michael Kors Fall 2010 paper doll.  Kors is a designer who loves all things tawny, and though he is limited in spectrum, he offers lots of texture and layers to work with. Plus, it was a terrific opportunity to draw Chanel Iman, one of my favourite models.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $5 CDN.  Just click the button below.

13 thoughts on “paper doll – Michael Kors Fall 2010”

  1. Thank you Annching for noticing! I have been taking a lot of care rendering these paper dolls, and its comments like yours that are especially gratifying.

  2. This came out perfect! haha I can see all that beige now 🙂 the gold dress is definitely a stunning, but I also love the way you illustrated furs and pleats, especially on the pants! What is your process? You you sketch and the colour in photoshop? Really great.



  3. Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.These designs don’t just fit women’ bodies but suit their characters all the same…like they are dancing while walking..:D

  4. i love this it is so awsome im a fan of fashion and ive nevaer seen such amazing drawing and and clothing drew before

  5. Its Creat I Love It But Why Do You Always Do This Why Dont You Give It Up And Become A Real Fashion Desighner I Think You Will Be Great And Dnt Let Anyone Bring You Down Saying Tht You Cnt Do It

    Love Lucy

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