paper doll pdf shop

For those who want to play or display paper dolls, I have created a little paper doll PDF shop.  Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below.

A PDF is a high-resolution, printable file.  These PDFs are in standard letter format and can be printed on any printer, on any type of paper you desire.  For just 3$ to 5$ per doll, download and print as many times as you like, cut out and play.

New to the shop – special edition  Vionnet Paper Dolls

Buy Now

To everyone who has supported my paper doll passion project – thank you so much!

11 thoughts on “paper doll pdf shop”

  1. What a great idea Danielle! Will you be putting your second paper doll illustrations in book format as well? I’m definitely looking to buy.

  2. Awesome stuff! Where’d you learn to draw like that? I wouldn’t mind some hints and tips. As for the designs, I’m totally floored!!! Cool Stuff.

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