paper doll – Rodarte Fall 2010

Rodarte is the first paper doll for the Fall 2010 season.  I watched this show as it live-streamed on SHOWstudio and was instantly transported by the mystical atmosphere and nostalgic rock soundtrack.  The layers of soft colours and multiple whites have a wonderful lightly shaded quality, inverted spectacularly for the black-light finale.  The model who inspired the doll is Lindsay White.

The extra head on the paper doll sheet is meant to be cut out and pasted over top of the head so that the hair can be layered over top of the dresses as it was styled, something I’ve always wanted to try with the paper doll format.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $3 CDN. Just click the button below.

11 thoughts on “paper doll – Rodarte Fall 2010”

  1. I’m glad to see Rodarte done, even if it’s partially because of Agent Lover’s hysterical post comparing their “wedding gowns” to the dresses the vamps wore in “Monster Squad”…

  2. Danielle, your first illustration for this season is a great success. It is beautiful and accurate. So looking forward to seeing the others!



  3. I enjoyed the paper doll this is my daughter, Lindsay White. The Rodarte show was amazing. Do you have anything else you have made of her?

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