paper doll – Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010

When I select which collections to do paper dolls for, I am looking for variety, so when it comes to all of the all-black collections, I only wanted to pick one. Viktor & Rolf made that choice a no-brainer.  Not only did I love the collection, the presentation itself was a riff on doll-play, with the designers dressing and undressing their models right on the runway.

You can buy this paper doll as a high-resolution, printable PDF to cut out and play with! Only $5 CDN.  Just click the button below.

15 thoughts on “paper doll – Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010”

  1. Hello,
    These are absolutely amazing. Is there a way to get them as a collection and packaged for a gift?

  2. It looks freaking awesome! Leather happens to be my favorite thing,It looks pretty cool especially in dark colors.I really appreciate the style….

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