Press Release: Buy Design for Windfall

It gives me so much joy to participate in the Buy Design for Windfall fundraiser event this year.  I get to work with the lovely ladies at Faulhaber, Creative Committee leader Andrew Sardone and so many talented volunteers.  Best of all, I got to create the imagery that will be shown on the poster and the website!

Buy Design for Windfall

Buybarella is the official muse of Buy Design this year.  If you follow her on twitter, you could win a free pair of tickets to Toronto’s most stylish outer space party!

Buybarella Twitter Badge

Check out the press release below the fold.

Buy Design Press Release

8 thoughts on “Press Release: Buy Design for Windfall”

  1. That sounds like a fun party, I wish I could attend, but since this month is incredibly slow for work, I think I will have to suffer and just read about it. 🙂
    Hope you cover it in detail. 🙂

    Great illustration!

  2. I CANNOT wait for this par-tay!

    Great illustrations!!!

    Barbarella was a fantastic (and funny and strange…)movie!

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