project – Jabberdust first samples

This is a really cool project – I was asked by designer-entrepreneur Leah Barrett to submit some ideas for her accessories line, Jabberdust – and as an added benefit, she’s encouraged me to blog the process.

You can see my original rough pencil thumbnails here, the refined drawings here, and Leah’s early spec sheets here. The first samples have just arrived back from India for review, and here they are, with comments from Leah and me:

Reversible Tabard

Leah says:

Embroidery worked on both sides at the same time has turned out very interesting. You can see how the stitches have been picked up.. looks great. The new sequin made from wood laminate is eco-chic looking.. nice texture.

I say: I LOVE the look of the sequins on the reversible tabard, both sides! The fringe at the edge… not so much.

Tuck Scarf

Leah says:

Perfect! soft chiffon ruffles hand sewn down while beading.

I say: The tuck scarf is perfect!

Leah says:

I don’t like it as it is colour/beading, too Indian or too referenced?.. but will continue with construction and maybe the final will be better.

I say: not really loving the embellishment. Would love to see something more similar to the tabard. I’m really curious to see pictures of the tabard and the multi-hole scarf on a person!

Feathered Capelet

The panel with trim before sewing:

One possible fabric – wool acrylic lurex blend slubbed jersey

Placed to show the result.

Leah says:

No cutting sewing has happened yet, Tell me what you think. As for me, I was thrilled, couldn’t be more pleased I’m really looking forward to the finished piece.
I say: I’d really like to see more irregularity and variety in the trim. Longer feathers towards the front.
Spiked Shrug

Panel with embroidery done within lines to fit the pattern:

Front of shrug

Back close up.

Leah says:

Ice, spikes, crystal beads: The piece is stunning a real show stopper. It’s heavy, let’s see how the fitting goes.. have not met the sample maker yet. I hope she doesn’t bail. I had given up on this style, because I didn’t expect to find materials. This is where a visit to India can be helpful. After a 4 hours of walking through the worlds busiest embroidery findings market, we found this and I okayed it.

I say: I’d really like to see more variety in this one as well, and with lighter materials – long sequins, feathers, ribbon trim.

Overall, its quite incredible to see my ideas progress into reality! Looking forward to seeing further iterations. Thanks Leah!



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  1. You’re welcome! I don’t venture out far enough with the designs on my own.. too many lessons learned the hard way.. that credit goes to you. And, as a regular reader of your blog I was not quite sure how the story would read.. but it’s pretty good 🙂 The factory is reading along btw.
    Duong’s sister, hi!

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