project – shoes for Frugal Fashion Week

I was invited to customize a pair of Brown’s shoes for the Frugal Fashion Week Gala at the Bata Shoe Museum on Friday.  The shoes I received were bright red patent, just like the Dr. Martens I customized with Ashley Rowe.  I wanted to try dripping instead of splattering and Ashley kindly indulged me in her studio.

She did a super-hot pair of boots which you just get a blurry peek of here.  Want to see Ashley’s and so many other customized Brown’s shoes? Best blog friend Anita is also doing a pair, among others. Buy a ticket to the gala on Friday here.

3 thoughts on “project – shoes for Frugal Fashion Week”

  1. Quick question Danielle: what kind of paint was used for the shoes and your Docs a few months ago? I am curious what kind of paint would stand up to the abuse of everyday footwear.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I don’t know – its Ashley’s paint and I think it proprietary, though I’m pretty sure its fabric paint. As to whether these shoes are everyday footwear – definitely not. I wear the docs only occasionally and treat them very gently when I do.

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