Posted on: June 5, 2021 Posted by: Phyllis Hunt Comments: 0

Styling your home is more like styling your wardrobe. Rules are also specific in decorating it. Thankfully, we got your back as we lay down tips to help you style your domain.

1. Own Your Style

Let your personality shine on every corner of your home. Decorate it according to your interests in art, music, and even your work! This is a good way to express your personality.

2. Light It Up

Lighting can change a whole mood in a room if you’re trying to set one. Aside from getting a mood light switch, you can set the mood by trying on different angles of light like table lamps, floor lamps, and task lamps.

3. Paint the Walls

Take a risk when choosing a color for your walls especially with how you really want it. If you’re still not sure about your choice, pin a lining paper to the wall to visualize and see if it’s fit for day and night.

4. The Perfect Fit (for Your Home)

Fill in your home with furniture that fits your space. While a minimalist design is easy, it’s bad enough to leave a dull open space in the living room.

5. Pinterest Your Style

While it is tempting to buy luxurious stuff for your home, you first need to ask yourself if you really need it? Try searching at Pinterest to keep your design fixed to what you need.

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