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In my portfolio, my illustration work has had two distinct, very different styles. The paper dolls are tightly-rendered, the live runway sketching is loose. For a long time, these two styles seemed almost unrelated, but lately, I’ve been experimenting with combining different aspects of both styles in a single illustration. The results vary, and I find it very interesting.

Recently I completed two sketches for friends (Trung and Tara), which gave me the opportunity to experiment in a way that I don’t usually have with clients. These two drawings combine the fluidity of live sketching with a deliberate composition. It takes a series of iterations to develop the motor memory, and then the final sketch is like a dance, where I’m performing a series of steps in sequence.


tara web

2 thoughts on “style development”

  1. Both of these sketches are absolutely gorgeous! I looove how you combined your two styles in the second one, it’s such an exciting, dynamic and well-composed image. I also feel torn between two distinct styles I seem to have and I’ve been working to figure out how to combine them in a way that makes sense and doesn’t feel forced. It’s hard, but well worth the struggle! I think the most exciting art comes out of this kind of effort.

  2. Danielle that top sketch is absolute perfection. It still has the best elements from all your different styles and is by far my favourite piece of all your work. Sell me an A5 print?

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