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Style Tips Every Woman

Incorporating style in your outfit every day is a skill that goes a long way. These strategies consider three factors: body, clothes, and method. So, regardless of where you’re going, these tips will ensure that you stay fashionable and pleasing at all times.

Your Body

Aim for visual balance

Going for a striking look requires a good balance of top and bottom wear. A loose shirt is better paired with tight pants. A full skirt or wide-leg pants would look good with a fitted top.

Pay attention to your figure.

Go over your clothes and find the ones that look the most flattering for your body. After knowing the best options, you can set your shopping choices based on the most flattering ones. If you can’t, try custom T-Shirts.

Show the right amount of skin.

We all have certain body features we’re proud of. If you love your long legs, then opt to fully cover your torso and wear a skirt or shorts. Too much skin is not always appropriate on most occasions.

Skin tone and colors

Find the color that matches best with your skin tone. Colors like grey, blue, and black look best for those with cool complexion. Red, yellow, and olive would go better for warm undertones.


Sort your closet

Decluttering your closet is necessary for organizing and keeping track of what you have. Categorize the clothes so it’ll be easier for you to find and dispose of certain items.

Find a good tailor

Nothing boosts your confidence like wearing clothes that fit your body right. Having your clothes professionally altered makes them more usable in the long run. Having custom t-shirts tailored will make them look more stylish and luxurious.

The Fitting Room

Wear clothes that are easier to remove to save time. Try to dress for the item that you’re trying to find. Wearing sneakers while fitting lingerie might not be a good match.

Preparing outfits for the morning

Mornings are usually busy with all the preparations. This is why it’s better to match outfits the night before. Preparing ahead helps you take the time to find a good matching outfit.

DIY Styling Kit

Clothing mishaps are inevitable, and being prepared can save you from these issues. The kit may include a needle, threads, safety pins, stain removing the tape, and double-sided tape,

Mix and match patterns

While plain colors are safer choices, matching patterns add a more interesting taste to your wardrobe. Try to complement patterns and focus on a focal design.


Layering can take your outfit to the next level. Find inspirations from fashion icons and style them according to your body.


These three must-have jackets can be used on a wide range of occasions:

  • Blazer
  • Leather Jacket
  • Denim Jacket


Adding accessories can add more character to your looks. Jewelry is often used for elegance and hats for casual wear.


Scarves are often used by celebrities and off-duty models and can make you look more casual and polished.

White fitted shirt on the go.

A white fitted shirt is an item of versatile clothing. That’s why it’s handy to have one accessible and ready to be worn.

Small strategies can work wonders in improving your style. Fashion and style don’t always need to be complicated. Most of the time, minor changes affect your style more.

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