styling inspired… by me?

a christmas themed fashion illustration
You never know what will happen to something when you put it out there on the internet.  I just discovered that this illustration has inspired the Illustration Nation group in the ShopStyle community.  I love what they came up with – check it out.  They choose a new source of inspiration every week, lots of amazing illustrators have been featured.  What an unexpected honour.

Arden B at ShopStyle
Christopher Radko at ShopStyle
Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Valentino at ShopStyle
Kurt Adler at ShopStyle

Thanks so much to Miss Bea Heyvin for selecting my work.

One thought on “styling inspired… by me?”

  1. Danielle~

    No. It was my honor to have your illustration. Your work is beautiful. If you have any others that you think might be of interest, please please pass them along. I would love to see them!

    Fondly, Miss Bea Heyvin

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