the new studio

toronto studio

My new studio is in a shared unit, located near the diverse and lively Bloor and Lansdowne area in Toronto. The space is lovely and light, and I’m surrounded by a variety of friendly creative people in various fields. It’s been exciting and strange to unpack what’s left from the old studio and adapt it to how I want to work now. I’m pleased to say that I installed everything myself, power tool in hand. With all this space and all my sewing equipment ready to run again, I am ready to get back to working in three dimensions. I have ideas to realize.


11 thoughts on “the new studio”

  1. It’s a very nice nice space that is airy and light. It has a very cheerful and peaceful vibe. Good Luck!

  2. I’ve spent the last few months without a space too while it was being flushed of the old. It is a great time for fresh thinking. How exciting to hear you are thinking 3 dimensions again.. I never thought I’d miss materials much, but I did too.

  3. What a great way to stay creative. I converted a large open closet into my jewelry making studio and it is great, but it would be really cool to be around other creative artists.

  4. Hi Danielle. Your studio looks fantastic. The little dress hanging up reminds me of pixels. I like your site. Call me when you come to visit your parents. Good luck with your career. Love, CT

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