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I got stopped in front of the Studio tent at Fashion Week after the League of Lovers and Thieves show.  It was Stefania, the blogger behind Toronto’s sweet new street style blog, Textstyles.  I have an abiding fascination with meeting new fashion bloggers, so after she took a photo of me standing with Matti Bygod (who is a way better dresser than I am), we chatted for a bit.  She told me that there was going to be a blogger brunch happening after fashion week on Sunday and promised to send me an invitation.

Those who have been following Final Fashion for a while will remember that I “hosted” a series of 16 fashion blogger brunches, and that my fascination with fellow fashion bloggers is matched by my great love of the meal of brunch.  I met a great many new friends at the TFBBs, we were covered in various publications, and it got a little too popular.  So when Stefania sent me the invitation, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to brunch with a whole new crew.

the new TFBB

Thanks to Anthea’s mom for taking the photo!  From left to right:

Marta from With Love…

Anthea from Clothesline Finds – she was visiting from Vancouver, volunteered at fashion week, and the brunch was her idea.

S. from Modern Guilt

Ashleigh from Rantings of a Fashion Addict

And me, Danielle from Final Fashion.

These girls are all first and foremost what I would describe as personal style bloggers – they belong to the Susie Bubble school of outfit posting.  As such they have very cute outfits, know their poses, and have lots of interesting opinions on clothes.  I like fashion bloggers and these girls are no exception – adorable all of them.

I was a bit surprised that none of them knew about TFBB.  A bit self-important of me to think I guess!  It was interesting getting new takes on the subjects we share in common – how to deal with PR pitches is a perennial favourite.  Anthea was the only other blogger at the brunch who had attended fashion week – she had an different point of view as a backstage volunteer and her mom had a few comments on attending as a visitor.  It is incredibly refreshing to hear a new perspective from outsiders, so often it feels like in Toronto we get caught in our own echo chamber.

I have made so many wonderful friends from the brunches, this one got me quite sentimental for meeting new bloggers and talking about fashion over coffee and eats.  I often get people asking me to revive TFBB, and I think that perhaps the brunches are ready to start again whether I put it together, or someone else does.

BONUS – Links to bloggers who attended LFW

Know of any Toronto (or Canadian) Fashion Bloggers I haven’t met yet?  Please leave links in the comments!

18 thoughts on “the new Toronto Fashion Bloggers”

  1. Hey Danielle,
    First of all I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful blog and your illustrations are incredible and breathtaking.WOW….I had such a wonderful time meeting all of you that I definitely agree that the lunching idea is an simply awesome 🙂

    P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I added you to my favorite blogs.

    Have an awesome day:)

  2. Auntie – this was a buffet style brunch, and the photo was taken in between several courses. Don’t worry – I ate lots to make the buffet rate worth it.

    Patricia – yes, lets!

    Marta – thank you! I’ve subscribed to your blog too and look forward to seeing you again!

    Henna – I wish you were here xoxo

  3. thanks for the mention danielle! i feel super flattered. how did you enjoy fashion week? i too would love to meet fellow toronto fashion bloggers ! we are a bunch of fantastic chicks if i do say so myself hehe

  4. Jacquieshambles – I keep thinking I see you! Yesterday I thought I saw you returning a video at Queen and Niagara but you were in such a rush (if it was you) I didn’t want to stop you.

    Everyone’s all stoked for a brunch now. Lets see what I can do. I’d like to hold one to celebrate Black Friday.

  5. Danielle- That totally was me returning a video at Queen and Niagara! Crazy! Hehe I was in a rush – and I’m such a fast power walker, too.
    Have fun on your trip and I really hope we can meet soon!

  6. hey there,

    I just came across your blog as I finally got up the courage to see who else is blogging about fashion here in Toronto. Check out my blog if you get the chance.

    Nice to meet you here online!

  7. Hi Danielle AKA final fashion, I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and always enjoyed seeing your illustrations and paper dolls. I had an aunt who used to give me paper dolls when I was a kid. I love what you’re doing with the fashion blogging community too! My blog ( is not solely fashion-oriented, but I like to think that fashion seeps into most of what I write about.

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