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Growing facial hair is good for those that want to change their looks. A stubble or a full beard could really go a long way. Read down to find which beard length is suitable for you.

1. The Stubble

The stubble is a cross between a clean shave and a short beard. It takes two to five days to achieve it. It’s a common choice for office workers to play safely while looking stylish. Maintain it by using a 1-3 mm trimmer twice a week.

2. The Short Beard

Short beards are also welcomed into offices. It only takes five to ten days to grow with full coverage. Keep it clean by using a 3-5 mm trimmer while cleaning the top lip.

3. The Tailored Beard

This beard has full coverage with its length below a centimeter. It is best for those with good cheekbones or jawlines. After two to four weeks, maintain it while focusing on those with fuller growth.

4. The Long Beard

While this length improves your facial proportions, it could take three to five months to achieve the right length. Washing is also mandatory and good beard oil is the best investment.

5. The Full Gandalf (A.K.A. The Hipster Beard)

It’s a lot of work to achieve this besides waiting for six to eight months. Trips to the barber are best to help with maintenance.

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