thinking and drinking – life drawing and life lessons

One thing that is easy to love about London is a culture that treats education like entertainment. Example: a neighbourhood watering hole called The Book Club, which has a wide variety of events that all fall under the category of thinking and drinking. I originally showed up for life drawing there in January, and some time later I got a sweet email from their publicist suggesting I check out a few more events.

Last night I did the life drawing again, which illustrates this post. For a life model, our model was somewhat lifeless. The poor boy, though finely formed, looked undernourished. It occurred to me, as a hungry person myself, that I would have to be very hungry to be a life model. It’s too bad, really, because a lively model is so much more inspiring. Perhaps they should feed the models a couple hours before the class for optimal results. Murray, the instructor, squirted the models hands with poster paint for something a little different. As far as life-drawing props go, I liked it because it didn’t distract too much from the figure. I love drawing figures best. Backgrounds and objects, not as much.

I used my paint box for life drawing for the first time. Getting as much practice with my squeezy brushes and mini-pans as possible, they are such a fun medium to use. I like waiting for things to dry. It helps keep me from overworking the longer poses. Murray encouraged me to try out some water-soluble markers which were pretty cool too – though being more unfamiliar with them, the results weren’t exactly my proudest.

Another event  I attended at TBC is called Scratch + Sniff. This particular evening was an interactive lecture on the history of teenagers and perfumes, given with great enthusiasm by Odette Toilette. I am not a perfume wearer, in fact the whole world of scent is a bit of a mystery to me, so it was a fascinating learning experience. The guest speaker was a young academic who studies adolescents, and it was quite enjoyable to get the equivalent of a university class, all while drinking and smelling and contributing our own memories and stories.

Thank you so much to Freya and everyone at The Book Club for their hospitality and generosity. If you’re in London and looking for something more mind-expanding than your usual pub night, I wholeheartedly recommend their fine establishment.