vote – Modern Amusement contest

Holts Contemporary is sponsoring a T-shirt design competition with Modern Amusement.  I like the “Crowbot” by Matt H.  You can vote for your favourite t-shirt design here.  The designer of the winning T-shirt gets a trip for one to Los Angeles, and you will be able to buy the winning T-shirt at Holt Renfrew.

4 thoughts on “vote – Modern Amusement contest”

  1. I agree with you… I like the Matt H’s “crowbot” best although I also really love the colour and idea of Colby J’s “Rorschach” tee too….

  2. Bare – didn’t enter, seemed like the T&C was a little grabby (no money?), and the prize (trip for 1 to LA) just seems lonely and expensive (no money for food or cabs?)

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