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It was a rare bright day in London, but cold… so I thought I’d do some outfit pics, but inside by the radiator.

At the beginning of the year I resolved to shop more, so in the throes of sale season, I did. Except I choked. I bought this beautiful blue duffle coat, something I’ve coveted for a long time, except for two things which gave me a brutal case of cognitive dissonance. One, it didn’t fit. Two, it was full price. Boxing day fails. So I returned it to the vintage store for a significant amount of store credit (they call it voucher here) which I then had to buy off over the rest of January.

I went back to the shop and tried to be very systematic about how I went through it, just like I do when thrifting. Picking out only the things that seemed really good and eliminating them over the least little objection. This angora sweater, with a nice Nordstrom label, instantly popped off the hanger. It is so soft, it has shorter sleeves which I think suit me well, and it fits. Of course, not on sale. This is what I would consider a date sweater. Its very touchable and it falls coyly off the shoulder.

Next pick in my quest for shopping redemption was a high-quality cotton button-down with a distinctive check. The label says the fabric is Japanese cotton – not sure if that’s referring to the textile design or origin – regardless of where it came from it feels substantial and looks terrific. I think this is a shirt for a small boy, the sleeves are short, but they look all right rolled up, which is a signature style for me. Of course, this was not on sale either.

Third, a bit of a departure for me, as I don’t have the most girlish sense of style – dainty heels and in a colour, too.  I’m always looking out for this type of sandal – even though I don’t possess the most ideal ankles, I tend to go for ankle straps anyways, because I like how they keep my shoes on my feet. These won’t get any wear until spring but still seemed totally worth it. And they were NOT on sale.

Am I an ace shopper? Hardly. But I’m glad I was able to mitigate my initial failure with three items that I’m confident will be included, guiltlessly, into my regular rotation. And if I ever see the perfect duffle coat, I swear I will grab it, on sale or not.

8 thoughts on “wearing – exchange is good”

  1. I think regardless of the first duffle coat mix up-sad to realize to late, but defiantly something I too have done. that all of the new additions are superb, cute and sexey!

  2. That cashmere sweater is completely adorable. Sexy and conservative at the same time – very you. And I like the heels! I was a bit surprised to see them because they really are a departure for you, but they totally work. Great choices!

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