what I wear – packable jacket from Mark’s

Perfect weather for a jacket today. Rayanne Langdon from High Road Communications recently sent me a packable Denver Hayes rain jacket from Mark’s… a thoughtfully selected gift considering I never seem to have an umbrella handy and a well timed one considering I forgot my other favourite rain jacket at my parent’s’ place.  I also appreciate the big pockets, zippered hood and the rolled cuff snap detail. Rolled cuff is definitely one of my signatures, I own many items with this feature. This jacket folds up into a little bag that easily fits in a purse and is lighter than an umbrella. Thanks so much Rayanne!

Mark’s is rebranding, dropping the Work and the Wearhouse from the name and courting the favour of fashionable friends like Gail of Fashion Magnet.  It is all good stuff, certainly the old name was clunky even for pun-lovers like me. When I remarked on the revisions to my man, Ray, a frequent Mark’s customer, he said he hoped they weren’t getting too metrosexual about it. There just aren’t that many stores out there with such an incredible selection of heavy-duty canvas pants and steel toed work boots, which Ray wears and wears out.  When I think of Mark’s, I think hardworking and unpretentious, just like Ray, just like this jacket.

Chose an Ashley Rowe-customized American Apparel tank to brighten things up a bit.  Turquoise is a new colour for me.  Did I jump in the puddle? Yes, I did, but the pictures turned out a little too goofy even for me.

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  1. Hey, Rayanne Langdon! That’s me ; ) The jacket looks great on you, Danielle and good to hear your man is a fan of Mark’s. Tell him not to worry, Mark’s was founded in Alberta in order to provide work essentials to guys like Ray and the functionality of Mark’s clothes is only improving!

    Rayanne Langdon — High Road Communications (on behalf of Mark’s)

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