what is finalfashion.ca?

My name is Danielle Meder, and this is my new blog and online portfolio.

I originally got into the whole blogging thing as a way of documenting the development of my graduate collection for fashion design school. My old blog, Final Fashion – the last collection, started out as a lark and became a transformative experience. I received amazing feedback, made mistakes, learned from them, met some amazing people (a few are on the blogroll here, more to come=>), rediscovered my love of writing. It was cool, so I’m sticking with it.

Now I am in a stage of transition. I have completed my studies at university, and am faced with the plethora of possibilities that is real life. So the time has come to create a new interface to allow me to interact with the world with my new identity – I am a university graduate. I am a new professional, talent for hire. I got a little push from one of my internet mentors, Kathleen Fasanella which encouraged me to create a space where I can demonstrate what I have to offer in a legitimate, professional way. Thus, finalfashion.ca.

It will take some time, but expect portfolio pieces to be added to the pages section, so you can get an idea of my accomplishments and talents. As of right now I am available for freelance design and illustration, if you’d like to learn more please email me at finalfashion@gmail.com.

I will continue to participate in the online fashion conversation, both as an independent blogger and a member of the coutorture community. I have an abiding obsession with everything fashion-related and a compulsive need to share it with the world! So expect regular updates on what is interesting me in the world of fashion – and believe me I find it all fascinating, no matter how obtuse, obscure, narrow or broad.

So, to all of my regular readers (I love you all), please update your links to http://finalfashion.ca/, and to all my new readers, welcome to my fashion life. Feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions, and introduce yourself – I look forward to getting to know all of you.

12 thoughts on “what is finalfashion.ca?”

  1. Job well done!!!

    As for the importing thing (just saw your comment on that ole site ;)… I just had that dilemna myself.

    Made my husband import, then take it off, then import, etc. lol. Finally, he said “You are better off starting over. LOL” Not sure the reasoning behind that tho. hmm. 😉

    Personally, I think starting fresh is the way to go, all kidding aside. Your portfolio is what will speak for you now. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Hi Danielle, it’s the other Christy (B.) who reads fashion incubator! I’m a little late but your blog looks great.

  3. I never got to comment on your old blog but was an avid reader. I look forward to reading all about your new life as an up and coming fashion talent!

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