What the A&F?

I have recently become interested in the modus operandi of various fashion companies. So far one of the most interesting articles I have found is this one about Abercrombie & Fitch.

A&F interests me because they recruit from our school. Now, I have never ever been in A&F but I knew within a minute looking at the catalogue that it would not be for me. That’s a powerful brand. I could feel right away and see that my kind would not be needed there. The article confirms it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Still, they’re highly paid positions. A lot of my classmates were hired as technical designers. Did you know that all of A&F’s technical designers are hired from my school? The rumour is that there is flat-out no lateral mobility for grads from our school. All the creative people are hired from more prestigious schools… and that’s the way it is.

This kind of story has the makings of a terrific novel, a la Devil Wears Prada – disgruntled employee chick lit. The thing about the rag biz is that it’s crazier than fiction. You couldn’t make stuff like this up.

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