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I am having such an incredible visit – I officially heart New York. Mostly I love the people I have met here.

Here I am in super-glamourous makeup by Elke. I’ve never felt so confident and beautiful in my life, so perfect for attending a real New York fashion event and after party! Thank you so much Elke!

As you all know by now, verbal croquis won in her category at Gen Art and it was such a thrill to be there! The event was amazing, the talent was top notch and I’m proud to say that two of my classmates were among the finalists – way to go Erlina and Rowena for showing New York how incredible Canadian fashion is.

Julie worked the crowd like a total pro and the guest list for the coutorture party is un-freaking-believable. I am totally in awe of the power of PR!

Wednesday morning we all got together at Balthazar’s to celebrate coutorture‘s appearance in the fashion bible, WWD!

It appears the establishment is finally taking note of the fashion-blog phenomenon! It certainly is an amazing time to be a fashion blogger. Tonight is the big night, historic really, where online the online fashion community is finally being acknowledged by the notoriously technologically-resistant fashion establishment. I am so thrilled to be here to witness it and so thankful to Julie and Phil for all their hard work and dedication, which truly benefits us all as creators and consumers of online content.

Phil took me to the Earnest Sewn sample sale so I totally scored my first truly respectable jeans (for one third the retail price!). Very cool to benefit from Phil’s arcane denim-geek knowledge. He picked 2 pairs of jeans for me to try on, the shopping trip was over in 20 minutes with absolutely zero pain. I think I finally found a kind of shopping I actually enjoy – let the experts edit your selection and you’ll never experience cognitive dissonance again.

We rounded off the day with a trip to the Met and some real authentic New York pizza dinner, which was sooo good. I am running on so much adrenaline right now it’s wild. I can hardly even sleep and it seems like I have energy for anything. I bet when I get back to Toronto I am going to crash and sleep for days. But right now I am so absorbed with making the most of my NYC experience that I feel like I can do anything.

13 thoughts on “whirlwind life”

  1. Super-glamourous!

    That’s great about the jeans, too. Way to shop.

    Such fun! And I’m happy to say that, although I’d love to be there with you all, I must be mom enough now that I’m really just happy about it all. Kinda puzzles me, now where’d that envy get to anyway …

  2. you look nice,amazingly so even with the red eye,love the earrings and the make up,
    i wish i could be there for all the fun…..

  3. You are so awesome, Danielle. I hope you are having the best of times. Have you ever been before? I haven’t, and am currently experiencing deep pangs of jealousy!

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