working on my Keds at Sol[e]d

Here are some pictures of me working on my Keds right up until the moment before they were auctioned off in support of ACT and Fashion Cares.  I was thrilled and surprised that they received the second-highest bid of the night at $350 for a terrific cause.

Thanks so much to Meagan, Serah-Marie and Ted of Worn Journal for helping me transport the machine to and from the Bata Shoe Museum.  It was a lot of fun to talk to all the attendees and answer questions about my Keds and the leatherworker machine.  For those of you who were wondering how I made them – this is how.

Photo courtesy of Jyotika

Photo by Jaka Merriman

8 thoughts on “working on my Keds at Sol[e]d”

  1. Wow, that pic turned out *way* better than I thought! I’m glad your shoes sold for so high – it’s for a great cause. Keep up the awesome work and we all hope to see more inspired pieces! :3

  2. The sewing nerd inside me is SO intrigued by that machine! You are on quite the roll with shoes lately, tres mignon!

  3. 1)Congrats on the high fetching price
    2)your hair is fierce… This is the best cut on you thus far – you look stunning
    3)that second picture with you and the old singer is probably one of the best pictures ever. You look so modern vintage it hurts.
    is that your machine?

  4. THANK YOU for lugging that beautiful leatherworker up and down the stairs, for showing everyone your process, and for make such a great pair of shoes for our auction!

  5. I agree with the group — you look super hawt! I love the boots peddling away. I’m just the opposite — I take off one shoe to sew or spin, leaving me hobbling around the house.

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