yay Toronto Fashion Bloggers!

Nathalie Atkinson at the National Post calls out her favourite online style mavens –

V is for verbatim — a shout-out to my fave homegrown style blog Fashion Verbatim‘s highly addictive mix of pithy celebrity schaden fashion- freude, well-informed fashion critique and fashion-mag dissection. FV’s diarist is just one of the several iconoclastic Toronto fashion bloggers faithfully attending every runway show and after-party, then enthusiastically telling the cyber world all about it — in contrast to the dour fashion journos who couldn’t look more bored in the face of beautiful clothing (I include myself, occasionally, mea culpa). Also check out: Hipster Musings, Final Fashion, Jak and Jill, Toronto Street Fashion and Carolyn Rohaly’s diary on the Toronto Fashion Incubator site.

To which I say – awesome! There’s only one thing I would change – (and I did) – adding links.

Carolyn Rohaly brought the article to my attention. Her response?

She calls us iconoclasts, which is pretty cool, though I never thought that we seek to overthrow existing fashion journalism. The more I think about it, though, the more I agree. You can feel our blogger excitement when we meet, watch shows, then post about our adventures. Traditional fashion journalists appear indifferent to fashion week, while we giggle, chat, and analyze everything. We feel privileged to be at the shows and we want to be there, which shows in our writing. All of us are happy that you read our posts, so thanks for visiting Toronto fashion blogger sites. Vive la revolution!

Yeah I’ll accept that I’m an iconoclast. How cool is that, and it fits on a T-Shirt too. I am a destroyer of beliefs, traditions and institutions! Why do you think it’s called Final Fashion? That’s right.

Bloggers love fashion journalism but what we love blogging for what it is too. The two mediums have different natures and aren’t mutually exclusive. If bloggers like a journalist, they read their work, link it, discuss it, and introduce it to their friends. I agree with Carolyn that many bloggers are quite content to be bloggers – and the ones that aren’t are looking to get into the fashion journalism trade, not destroy it.

I always find it amusing how the fashion “in” crowd act like the shows are actually such exhausting, tedious obligations. Perhaps the deeper your professional involvement in Fashion Week, the more exhausting it is. Going to fashion week without a single obligation other to enjoy yourself and talk about it with your friends is sublime. If you’re exhausted, stay home. Why try to see every show just to crank out uninspired reviews? There will always be more fashion shows, next season. As a blogger, I only comment on what I think is noteworthy and only go to fashion shows when I have the energy and enthusiasm for it.

Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunch was tasty and funny despite the venue hitch. Here’s this Sunday’s blogroll –

Tiffanie from TorontoStreetFashion.com

Eden from Bargainista

Carolyn from the Toronto Fashion Incubator

Adrian from Fashion Verbatim

Gina from Keep on Shopping

Henna from Canadian Beauty

Anita from I want – I got

4 thoughts on “yay Toronto Fashion Bloggers!”

  1. Hey Danielle,
    It was great seeing everyone at TFBB today.
    I’m already working on a venue for the April brunch. Suggestions welcome.


  2. You know how I feel about comments, Danielle, but I couldn’t resist. Should we get t-shirts that say, “I am a destroyer of beliefs, traditions, and institutions”? Then we bloggers can wear them to fashion week next season. Vive la revolution!

  3. I would have commented on your blog if I could have Carolyn, you often post stuff that deserves response or even discussion.
    (I’m honored you commented!)

    How bloggerly we are, commenting on eachother’s comment about an article about us.

  4. I’m so gonna make us t-shirts!

    And I’m going to look into new bloggy options so you can leave comments and I can be bloggier!

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